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Power BI Developer

Alter Systems company is looking for Power BI Developer to join our team on a full-time basis. Remote work is possible.

Базові вимоги

  • Specialist’s Degree or equivalent educational background in the field of computer sciences, engineering or mathematics;
  • 3+ years’ experience as a Business Intelligence Developer using Microsoft BI technologies;
  • Good knowledge of DAX, MDX and experience in Azure;
  • SQL skills for querying and creation of views/tables, functions, and stored procedures;
  • Excellent client-facing, written, and verbal communication skills;
  • Strong knowledge of the English language (B1/B2).

Основні обов'язки

  • Working with clients, gathering requirements, business processes and business data analysis;
  • ETL procedures development, prepare data sources;
  • Data modelling including designing effective BI data models;
  • Designing effective layouts using themes and report grids;
  • BI data models optimization;
  • Working with clients to manage User Acceptance Testing (UAT) processes and fixing any bugs identified;
  • Publishing reports via the Power BI service, managing them through the distribution of apps and monitoring usage/data refreshes/security access.

Є плюсом

  • Experience in data science;
  • Experience in backend development and deployment;
  • Good knowledge of data analysis in enterprises.

Є інтерес до вакансії?

Чекаємо на ваше резюме за адресою: Телефон: +38 (057) 781-62-27


Юридична адреса: Україна, 61020, м. Харків, Григорівське шосе, 88

+38 (057) 781 62 28, +38 (057) 781 62 27

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